West Milton Damn

West Milton Low-head Dam Removal and Stillwater River Restoration Project

DAM REMOVAL AND HABITAT RESTORATION COMPLETED! Some details and photos are below AND more at our
pages (including videos).


Ohio River Foundation coordinated efforts to remove the West Milton lowhead dam on the Stillwater River.  The removal of this non-operating dam (1) reconnected 200 miles of the upper Stillwater River watershed to the downstream section, (2) removed a safety hazard and potential source of liability, (3) avoided current and future repair costs, and (4) presented additional recreational and economic oppotunities.  The 100 year-old dam’s condition was deteriorating and sponsor funding was available to remove the dam at no cost to the Village of West Milton.  West Milton, Ohio DNR, USFWS, Ohio EPA, US Army Corps of Engineers, Stillwater River Watershed Council, and other agencies and entities supported removal of this dam.




Restoration work completed.


Permit for removal was issued October 22, 2014. Removal activities began October 27, 2014. The dam removal was completed by December 1, 2014.


Permit applications filed with US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). USACE was the lead agency for the permitting process.


Site investigations and project designs performed, pursuant to requirements under the WRRSP approved plan.  Permit applications prepared for filing.


In November 2010, the Ohio EPA issued an Environmental Assessment Document available HERE that finds no adverse impact from the dam removal. After public comments were received, it confirmed its decision in December 2010 in a Final Findings of No Significant Impact, stating that “no significant, substantive comments were received which would contradict our initial decision.”

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