Spy Run Low Water Crossing

Spy Run Low-Water Crossing Removal and Creek Restoration Project

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Ohio RIver Foundation Received $69,000 Grant for Spy Run Low-Water Crossing Removal and Creek Restoration Project.


The Spy Run – Lewis County Restoration Project is a collaborative effort by Lewis County, Ohio River Foundation (ORF), and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to restore flow and habitat for the wildlife of Spy Run. ORF successfully obtained requisite funding from USFWS to assist the county in removing this low-water crossing and replace it with a bridge.

A 50 foot-long low water crossing located in Lewis County will be removed and bridge installed in order to improve the quality of life of the organisms living in Spy Run as well as the safety of nearby residents. Removing this barrier will reconnect the lower 4.5 mile section to the upper reaches of Spy Run. Fish will have access to historic spawning and nursery grounds, and the habitat and migration of 18 mussel species will be improved.

Spy Run flows into Kinniconick Creek, a tributary of the Ohio River. In 2012, a $342,000 grant was awarded through the Section 319(h) non-point source pollution for the development of watershed management plans and non-point source pollution controls. Thus, the state and federal governments have recognized the importance of this watershed and targeted significant funds to improving its condition.

This project is scheduled to be completed in 2015.

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