Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2022 Wild & Scenic Film Festival! 2023 details coming soon!

2022 Featured Films

Resilience is in Our Nature – A snapshot of the Portland, Oregon community during the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter uprising, Resilience is in Our Nature captures resilience that can be found within us and around us.



24 Leeches – One part family adventure, one part environmental film, 24 Leeches is a tribute to a father’s best friend and adventure partner, his 10-year-old son. This film documents a family canoe adventure to the Slate Islands of Ontario, Canada and more importantly a way of life.



Vertical: The Future of Farming – A new generation of urban, indoor farmers’ approach to food production offers the potential to combat climate change while feeding hundreds of millions. The result, according to retired Columbia Professor Dickson Despommier, represents the “next evolutionary jump in humanity’s quest for a reliable, sustainable food supply.”


Chasing Ghosts – In their quest to identify the pollinator of the ghost orchid, a team of explorers spent three summers standing waist-deep in alligator and snake-laden water, and climbing to sometimes nausea-inducing heights. They came away with a startling new discovery – and an even deeper love for Florida’s wildest wetlands.


Protecting the Monarch Butterfly – Land restoration near Niagara Falls is giving refuge to a beloved butterfly and setting an example for wildlife protection everywhere.




The Fish & The Flame – When a supposedly extinct fish resurfaces in the path of an oncoming wildfire, a Colorado biologist braves the flames on a daring rescue mission.




One Star Reviews – They say National Parks are America’s greatest idea. Some of the most beautiful and sacred places in all the world. Well, for some people… there’s still room for improvement!



River Looters – Three river surfers turned obsessed free divers hunt for lost belongings in the Deschutes River. When not on a quest to reunite people with their lost belongings, they dive for trash. River Looters introduces us to the most waterlogged and shreddy good samaritans in Oregon.



Ghost Ponds – A grassroots movement seeks to reverse biodiversity loss by recovering a lost feature of the landscape… ghost ponds.




Can’t Beat this Place for Fun – Flagstaff’s Fretwater Boatworks defines the process, and deep conservation legacy, of building Grand Canyon dorys – with fun at every bend.





PATHFINDER: Life Beyond Fear – A tale about the human spirit, PATHFINDER – Life beyond fear, follows six world-class slackliners on a highlining mission deep into the Norwegian mountains to attempt something that has never been seen before: Walking a thin line, elevated in the vastness between two colossal cliffs, illuminated only by the mystical northern lights.



Stories from the Blue: Ocean Guardians – NOAA’s Ocean Guardian School Program provides opportunities for kids to get out in their environment to do hands-on, stewardship-based projects. Come along as we meet those who have fostered the growth of this important program and the children who are the future guardians of our planet.



Guardians of the River – Klamath River Indigenous leaders and youth fight to free their river from life-killing dams, restoring salmon, economy, and culture.




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