Fund a Project

Fund a Project

Fund a Habitat Restoration Project

For more than 20 years, Ohio River Foundation has worked with local governments, parks, and private landowners on habitat restoration projects including invasive species removal, tree plantings, and dam removals to increase biodiversity, create better wildlife habitats, improve water quality and allow ecosystems to thrive and become more resilient to a changing climate. Ohio River Foundation works with private and public landowners to implement and manage their projects, as well as provide assistance in obtaining project funding. See our project offerings below for more information.

Community Volunteers planting trees

Native Tree Planting

$5k – $25k

Restore critical riparian habitats along the Ohio River by supporting the planting of native trees such as Sycamore and Sugar Maple that provide important shade and habitat for wildlife. Learn more

Live Stake Installation

$5k – $50k

Help restore eroding shorelines and improve water quality by funding the installation of live stakes, young plant cuttings that can grow into large trees and provide vital habitat for wildlife. Learn more

Invasive Species Removal

$5k – $100k

Support the removal of invasive species, such as Callery pear and Honeysuckle, which can crowd out native plants and lead to decreased biodiversity, poorer habitats for wildlife, and lower water quality. Learn more

Wetland Restoration

$5k – $500k

Improve water quality and create habitat for fish and wildlife by supporting the restoration of degraded wetlands in the Ohio River watershed.

Pollinator Habitat Creation

$5k – $500k

Create pollinator habitats in the Ohio River Watershed to provide food and shelter for important pollinators such as bees and butterflies – the pollinators we depend on for our food production.

Dam Removal

$50k – $2m

Restore the natural flow of Ohio River tributaries by supporting the removal of outdated and unsafe dams that can cause flooding and disrupt natural habitats. Learn more

Spy Run Low Water Crossing

Stream Crossing Remediation

$50k – $2m

Fund the removal of low-water crossings and installation of bridges to improve fish migration and water quality in the Ohio River and its tributaries. Learn more

Restoration Project Management

$50k – $2m

Ensure the success of restoration projects by funding the project management needed to plan, coordinate, and implement these critical efforts.

Have an idea for a project?

Have an idea for a unique restoration project? Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities and how we can work together to protect and restore the Ohio River and its watershed.