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Invasive Species Removal

Invasive species spread rapidly and shade out native trees and wildflowers, causing environmental and economic harm to the ecosystem. Our work removing these harmful plants enhances the habitat for native flora and fauna and improves water quality.

We are outnumbered.

Invasive plants are expanding across the landscape faster than people can stop them. Plants have many survival strategies: some species have overcome many barriers to become a biological nuisance in habitats around the world. Understanding the life history of invasive species is the secret to successful management.

If this were easy, we wouldn’t be here.

Look before you leap! Invasive plants are formidable, resilient creatures. Knowing the options available for managing invasive plants is critical; using multiple methods increases the likelihood of success. For best results, you must know which method is the best fit for the situation.

Ohio River Foundation’s Invasive Species Management Team

Since 2011, Ohio River Foundation has been providing invasive species management services to counties, cities, and national wildlife refuges and forests. Our client list includes: Deerfield Township, City of Blue Ash, Cincinnati Parks, Great Parks of Hamilton County, Clermont County Park District, Daniel Boone National Forest, Hoosier National Forest, Big Oak National Wildlife Refuge.

Hundreds of thousands of invasive plants and trees have been removed from acres of upland and riverine habitat. We also have educated land managers regarding the proper identification and treatment of invasive species.

So … do you have an invasive species problem?

Contact us and find out if our low-cost contract services are right for you. Below is a map of our service area. Learn more about how we’re partnering with communities on habitat restoration.

Do you need to implement an invasive species removal project? Ohio River Foundation works with private and public landowners to implement and manage their projects, as well as provide assistance in obtaining project funding. Learn more here.

Controlling Invasive Species on Your Property

How to Control Invasive Species on Your Property

Ohio River Valley Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area

Oh, by the way, ORF coordinates the activities of the Ohio River Valley Cooperative Invasive Species management Area. In 2017, a coalition of 14 organizations, agencies, and groups formed the Ohio River Valley CISMA. This CISMA spans 22 counties and draws upon the technical expertise and knowledge of individuals with decades of experience in natural resource management and invasive species control. The ORV CISMA consists of urban, suburban, and rural areas spread throughout the Ohio River Valley; defined broadly as 9 Ohio counties (Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, Highland, Montgomery, Scioto, and Warren), 7 Kentucky counties (Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, and Pendleton), and 6 Indiana counties (Franklin, Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley, Jefferson, and Switzerland) for a total of 22 counties. Interested in learning more? Visit HERE.


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