Donor Advised Funds

If you support multiple organizations, or if you want to secure a charitable deduction now and designate beneficiaries later, a DAF may work for you. DAFs can be established with a number of entities, including community foundations and financial services companies.

Donate Donor Advised Funds

How It Works

  1. You establish a DAF with your local community foundation or preferred financial services company. There is no cost to establish a DAF.
  2. You make an initial gift of cash or stock to the DAF* and receive an immediate charitable deduction.
    * A minimum initial charitable contribution may be required.
  3. You make annual recommendations on gifts to be directed from your DAF to ORF or other qualified charities you support. There are no transaction fees, so 100% of your recommended grant goes to your charity of choice.
  4. You may choose to remain anonymous to the gift recipient, if you wish.

A DAF Could Be Right for You If…

  • You want an immediate tax deduction but wish to direct charitable gifts over several years.
  • You have extra income or a special taxable event and require a current-year tax deduction.
  • You have many charitable interests and want to simplify your giving.
  • You have a private foundation that you wish to terminate. You can send those assets to a DAF.
  • You want to use a DAF to complement a private foundation, perhaps in order to give anonymously.

Planned Gifts From Your DAF

You may be able to gift funds that remain in your DAF at the end of your life to ORF through a “payable on death” or “transfer on death” beneficiary designation. Ask your DAF administrator for more information.


Your Donation Makes a Big Impact

  • $25 can provide food for the freshwater mussel “ambassadors” we use in our Mussels in the Classroom program.
  • $100 can buy water quality equipment to enable us to identify pollution problems.
  • $500 can help 50 students be River Explorers for a day of learning in a river or creek.
  • $1,000 can plant 100 native trees to restore critical habitat and help keep our water clean.