ORF Employees organizing 6,000 live stakes at Miller Coors in Trenton, OH

Coors Seltzer Ohio River Live Staking

We’ve had 6,000 live stakes delivered for our ongoing major habitat restoration project! We’ll be planting them — and another 4,000 that we’ll harvest with the help of volunteers — along six miles of three Ohio River tributaries: The Little Miami River, Great Miami River and O’Bannon Creek. This will reduce erosion and ultimately lead to cleaner water.

Project Updates

March 5th 2021: We planted more than 900 live stakes along O’Bannon Creek at Nisbet Park in Loveland. Part of a larger habitat restoration project we’re doing in the region, this planting will help control erosion and keep the water in this Ohio River tributary cleaner. Special thanks to the volunteers who helped us make it happen!

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