Beaver Creek Low-Water Crossing Removal and Creek Restoration Project

Road Removal De-Construction project begins – October 20, 2014

Bridge Installed  – December 4, 2014

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Ohio River Foundation Received $100,000 Grant for Beaver Creek RestorationRead the Press Release


The Beaver Creek Restoration Project was a collaborative effort by Harrison County, Ohio River Foundation (ORF), and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to restore flow and habitat for the wildlife of Beaver Creek. ORF successfully obtained requisite funding from USFWS and the county to remove a roadway and replace it with a bridge

This project involved removal of a 200’ long low-water crossing and installing a bridge. This action reconnected the lower 4.5 mile section to the upper reaches of Beaver Creek, restoring natural variability in creek flows and reconnecting fragmented river habitat to allow access to historic spawning and nursery grounds, and improving fish passage and mussel habitat and migration. Also, the road was susceptible to flooding, creating a dangerous hazard for motorists.

Beaver Creek has received much attention over the past several years from conservation groups, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and Harrison County due to its proximity to the mussel bed located near the confluence of Beaver Creek and the Licking River.

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