Accenture/Great Parks Tree Planting

OVERVIEW: Ohio River Foundation teamed up with Great Parks and Accenture on May 13, 2023, on a restoration project in Mitchell Memorial Forest.

PROJECT TYPE: Company Volunteer Day – Native Planting

IMPACT: Together, we planted 26 native trees and six native shrubs in an effort to reforest 0.2 acres of an underutilized area. This will create more biodiversity and habitat for the woodland creatures who call this habitat home. When we plant native trees and shrubs in riparian areas, it not only improves the habitat for wildlife but also helps prevent erosion and keeps the waterway cleaner.

Species of trees planted: Burr Oak, Pin Oak, Red Oak, Tulip Popplers, Dog Woods, River Birch, Kentucky Coffee, Frontier Elm, Allegany Viburnum, Elder Berries

Volunteers: Engaged nine Accenture staff volunteers

Are you or your company interested in supporting our work? Do you need to implement a habitat restoration project? Ohio River Foundation works with private and public landowners to implement and manage their projects, as well as provide assistance in obtaining project funding. Click here to learn more about our project offerings.

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