Tri-state Invasive Species Management Group Receives Additional Funding to Expand Work

ORV CISMA awarded grants from Duke Energy Foundation and L&L Nippert Charitable Foundation to continue invasive plant species removal

We’re being invaded. But this invasion isn’t of the extraterrestrial variety. We’re experiencing an invasive plant invasion – non-native invasive plants are wreaking environmental and economic havoc across the region. 

We’ve all seen it. Forested park areas and backyards overrun with honeysuckle, Callery Pear trees causing environmental and infrastructure (and odor) issues in our neighborhoods, Tree of Heaven crowding out healthy native plants and playing host to another invasive pest – the dreaded Spotted Lanternfly, and the list goes on and on. 

With the help of some generous Tri-state foundations, the Ohio River Valley Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (ORV CISMA) is working to do something about it. ORV CISMA is a coalition of nonprofits, agencies, and businesses working to share information and resources to control and remove invasive species in a 22-county area in the Ohio River Valley. 

>>>Read more on the ORV CISMA Website.

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