Programs & Initiatives

Ohio River Foundation has a holistic and comprehensive approach in pursuit of its mission goals. Involved on several fronts, staff and volunteers are engaged in conservation and education activities.



A cornerstone of any effort to protect natural resources is developing and educating the next generation of environmental stewards. Our River Explorer, Mussels in the Classroom, and School Outdoor Habitats programs work with schools to impact thousands of students each year by enhancing STEM learning while developing student interest in environment and conservation careers.

Summer Programs

Ohio River Foundation has grant dependent summer programs for high school students: Youth Conservation Teams and Student Conservation Leadership Program.


The impacts of the Industrial Revolution, ongoing commercial activity, and daily living continue to stress ecosystems. However, the benefits of a restored healthy ecosystem are now more fully understood and appreciated. Thus, from watershed level planning (Ohio River Basin Fish Habitat Partnership) to project implementation, ORF is active with community and organizational partners to restore and protect watershed health. That's why we're doing things like removing small dams, and also removing invasive non-native plant species with our award-winning YouthConservation Teams.

We also provide restoration services to specific communities and subwatersheds. For subwatersheds, we are creating conservation funds to aggregate dollars and resources for greater impact. For communities we are providing contract services pertaining to restoration fundraising, project management, invsavie species removal, and resource staff educaton and training.


The Ohio River and other rivers, streams, and creeks in its watershed are in varying degrees of health, despite enactment of the Clean Water Act in 1972. To better enable these vital sources of drinking water, recreation, and wildlife to repair and maintain ecological health it is vital that Ohio River Foundation maintain its presence as an advocate on their behalf. By doing so through our Protect Our Water campaign, we serve the interests of both the resources and millions of watershed citizens.