Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Watershed

  1. Collect rainwater for watering your garden. Consider planting a rain garden or using a rain barrel- maybe a combination!
  2. Explore a local stream. Wade, canoe, or kayak. Find out where it starts and where it drains. Look at topographic maps to find out what influences water flow around you.  It’s difficult to preserve and protect what we don’t know.
  3. Plant a tree
  4. The riparian zone is that area right along the stream bank. Get to know what plants, animals, and insects hang out there.
  5. Wash car(s) on grass to catch runoff.
  6. Help ORF plant rain gardens, take kids out to explore the river, and distribute low-flow shower heads.
  7. Did you know soil is our #1 contaminant to rivers, lakes, and streams? If you live by a waterway, plant trees and shrubs to hold soil in place.
  8. Dispose of chemicals properly. Never pour chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil or paint into the drain or toilets. Check with your county’s household hazardous waste program to properly dispose of or recycle chemicals and keep them out of rivers and oceans.
  9. Donate to ORF to be green for you!
  10. We’re all part of a watershed, and every drop counts. Do your part to conserve water, participate in community clean-ups, and support environmental legislation.
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