Top 10 Ways to Have a Healthy Home Habitat

  1. Start a compost pile. Kitchen scraps make great fertilizer!
  2. Recycle all you can. Check with your local solid waste department to see if they’ve expanded the list of materials you can recycle.
  3. If you don’t have space for a garden, try container gardening in 5-gallon buckets. Plants are easy to maintain and water this way.
  4. Patronize farmers’ markets.
  5. Take regular walks. Get an idea of the subtle changes that each season brings.
  6. Keep the shades closed on warm days and open them up on cool days.
  7. Set aside a few dollars each week and donate your savings to your favorite environmental group.
  8. Look for yard sales, thrift shops, and antique stores for household goods and clothing instead of buying new. You can frequently find unique items at bargain prices.
  9. Think twice about buying disposable products. They aren’t really disposable; trash has to go somewhere. If you must use disposables, opt for paper products that break down more quickly.
  10. Create different types of habitat in your yard. If you have too much lawn, consider planting a garden. You won’t have to maintain it as much and it’s great for small mammals and birds.
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