What You Can Do...

...At Home

The Ohio River and rivers and creeks in its watershed are in poor condition, overwhelmed by the impact of 25 million people living on the land that drains into the Ohio. As awareness of the problem grows, one truth is evident: Every resident of our region needs to be part of the solution.

You can help! Start by embracing your environment.  Introduce children to the wonders of the natural world. Consider changing the way you care for your home and your yard. The actions that we take in our daily lives can make a difference in the health of this national treasure.

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...Join and Volunteer

You can also become a member of Ohio River Foundation and work with us to protect and restore our waterways. Volunteer to help us plant trees and clean up streams, or contact your elected officials on issues that affect your part of the watershed. By working together, we can turn the tide and leave a legacy of clean water for future generations.

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