Through Restoration

A cornerstone of Ohio River Foundation's efforts to protect and restore water quality in the Ohio River watershed is our Restoration Program. It provides us not only an opportunity to improve the physical environment but also allows hands-on work experience for volunteers and students. But just as important as active restoration, ORF works with its partners to develop comprehensive restoration plans.

Barrier Removal and Habitat Restoration

Ohio River Foundation engages in restoration services including barrier removal (i.e., dam removal, low-water crossing removal, etc.), and habitat restoration. Provided services focus on project management, coordination, and fundraising. Foundation employees and volunteers also provide hands-on restoration activities, such as invasive species removal and riparian habitat plantings. When possible we also partner with neighboring schools to involve them in educational components of the project.

Sub-watershed Conservation Funds

We also provide restoration services to specific communities in sub-watersheds. For subwatersheds, we are creating conservation funds to aggregate dollars and resources for greater impact.

Youth Conservation Teams

During summer break from school, high school students team up to complete habitat restoration projects in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. This stewardship program is the first of its kind in the 11-state Ohio River watershed. More...

Ohio River Valley Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area

Ohio River Foundation has received a grant to work with local partners to for an Ohio River Valley Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area. This collection of agencies, businesses, and local governments will work to control and reduce the threat and impact of invasive species on our habitat, wildlife, and the environment.

Ohio River Basin Fish Habitat Partnership

Ohio River Foundation stands at the forefront of efforts to develop a comprehensive Ohio River ecosystem restoration program. ORF is working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Army Corps of Engineers, state agencies, and experts from around the watershed to restore and protect habitat in the Ohio River watershed. More...

Ohio River Watershed Restoration Plan

In 2002, Ohio River Foundation released A Framework for Ecosystem Restoration of the Ohio River and its Watershed, which details ways to improve restoration programs proposed for the Ohio River. Other groups, federal and state agencies, and experts from around the watershed are now working to implement some of the report's recommendations.  If you would like a copy of this document, download the .pdf file (339Kb).