The Great Ohio River Paddle


Paddler Fundraising and Premiums

One of the ways you can help make this extraordinary event even more exciting is by letting friends, family, and local businesses support our efforts to improve the environment and quality of life for 25 million people (the approximate population of the Ohio River watershed). You can do this by participating in the fundraising segment of the event. We even have fundraising pdf to help you along.

It's very easy. There are three ways you can do it. (1) Just use the pdf (feel free to make copies) to record how much each person or company will pledge for you to paddle, (2) use your own personal fundraising page (see below), and/or (3) have the person make the donation directly through our website - referencing you in the "Other" section!!

Your Own Personal Fundraising Page

We have identified a great site called is a safe and secure way for individuals to donate to verified charities online. More importantly, it allows you to solicit and track funds that others are through your participation in GORP. At the website, you can use the page we will creat for you or create your own individual page. This is an easy way for you to reach out to your family, friends, business acquaintances and anyone else you feel would like to support you and Ohio River Foundation.

Collecting Money and Claiming Prizes

Collect the money in advance of the event. You MUST turn it in at the event check-in on October 25. Premiums (listed below) must be selected before or at check-in.  Delivery or pick-up will be scheduled/arranged at that time.

As you raise your pledges, keep an eye on this page for great items that are available at various pledge total levels. New items are added as new companies and individuals become event sponsors, and the more you raise, the higher the value of the premiums for which you are eligible.

You may claim one premium from one of the Premium Categories based on the amount you have raised. Premiums are offered as long as supplies last, which is a good incentive to do your fundraising early!

PLEASE NOTE: We need to have actually received your eligible pledges before you can claim a premium. Pledges through personal fundraising pages qualify soon after they are made, but if you have pledges you have collected in person, you need to send them in before claiming any premiums.



Choose and Receive...


Future Beach Fusion 10 Foot Kayak 


$250 VISA Gift Card



Carbon Kayak Paddle


Two tickets to The Rusty Ball


$150 VISA Gift Card


REI Dome 2 Tent


One ticket to The Rusty Ball


$75 VISA Gift Card


Wheeleez Tuff Tire Kayak Cart


$50 VISA Gift Card


$50 Panera, REI, or Starbucks Gift Card


$25 VISA Gift Card


REI $10 Gift Certificate


Panera $10 Gift Card


Starbucks $10 Gift Card

More paddler premiums coming soon!

Check back here periodically to see new items we add to reward your fundraising efforts.

As you ask for sponsors, remember that all donations to Ohio River Foundation are tax-deductible.

To Collect a Premium

When you reach a pledge total that makes you eligible for a premium, please let us know before the event.  If we can we'll have your premium at the event for you to pick up and save shipping/mailing or gas costs!  However, large items (like boats) will require you to make a separate trip to pick up.

Thanks for your help in making this event a tremendous success. We look forward to sharing this event with you!

To be eligible for awards, all contributions and pledge/sponsor sheets must be turned in by September 14th.

Don't forget that small businesses make great sponsors, too!