11th Annual Great Ohio River Paddle (GORP)

October 25, 2014

Enjoy rivers at their most beautiful time of year!

Paddle it.  Protect It!


Great Ohio River Paddle

Great Ohio River Paddle is a unique paddling experience. This trip provides an unsurpassed opportunity to gain an understanding of the Ohio River watershed system and develop a lifelong love of river travel via canoe or kayak. 

In 2013, paddlers GORP raised $16,000 to support ORF programs!  Thanks go out to them and our key sponsors, Toyota Motor Sales, Lyknis Companies, and Whole Foods. 

The Ohio River watershed is a system of contrasts. Big river...small tributaries. For miles wildlife and wilderness are the only scenery. At times you'll see great blue herons and kingfishers. You may see shiners skipping and jumping out of the water as you glide past. But turtles keep a watchful eye as they slither back into the water if you get too close!





GORP Photo Gallery

GORP provides people the opportunity to enjoy the Ohio. The trip is suitable for people who are relatively new to canoe and kayak paddling, and also experienced folks.

GORP is a recreational and educational paddling event to:

  • Get people out on the river to see it and learn about it first hand
  • Promote the importance of conserving and protecting rivers
  • Celebrate the river and heritage of riverside communities
  • Raise funds for the programs of the non-profit Ohio River Foundation

Should you go? Yes!

Everyone should go. You need not be an expert paddler, but we do require that people have experience on moving water, or have taken instruction with moving water. Normally, Ohio River and tributary currents average less than 2 knots. The Ohio and its tributaries are perfect for a wide range of experience.

Participants only need to bring their own gear, personal items, and canoe or kayaking equipment. We provide the rest: meals, on-river education, camaraderie, safety paddlers, guides, and much more! So, join us for the experience of a lifetime! Paddle it! Protect it!

How do you like your GORP?