Great Ohio River Paddle

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the meal arrangements?

A. ORF will provide snacks and lunch. Snacks, gorp, water, etc., are available at the put-in in the morning to take with you. You may want to bring your favorite trail snack, but there will sufficient quantities of snacks available.

Q. Are there snacks available for on the water? 

A. Yes, grab some snack bars or gorp in the morning.

Q. Do I have to eat gorp to paddle in GORP?

A. Gorp consumption during GORP is suggested, but not required.

Q. Will there be drinking water available during the event?

A. ORF will provide drinking water at the put-in. Paddlers need to take enough water with them when they leave in the morning for the ENTIRE day.

Q. Do I need to have my boat registered with a license from OH, IN, or KY?

A. No. Only mechanized vessel need to be registered. For event paddle events the requirement is waived.

Q. Will someone be paddling with us who is familiar with the river and assist with problems that arise?

A. Yes, there will be guides and safety paddlers who will provide river information and basic first aid.

Q. Are barges a problem when paddling on the Ohio?

A. Barges stay in the channel in the middle of the river. Your guide will have a set of river charts which show the location of the channel. There is usually plenty of space and time between barges to allow us to make safe crossings, which we will do only occasionally. We give barges plenty of room. We check behind us periodically to know when a barge is approaching from behind.

Q. Why are the fees higher than rates at liverys or other events?

A. This event has food, guides, and other amenities.  Also, this is a fundraising event.  We need to make some profit to support our programs. 

Q. Do we all paddle in the same group?

A. You choose to paddle in one of two Paddle Pods (see Trip Details page for PaddlePod info.) at the time of registration.

Q. Do I have to participate in the fundraising/paddler sponsorship feature?

A. We hope you will choose to do so as this is a fundraising event! Your participation can also enable others to help support our programs.

Q. Do I have to choose a PaddlePod now? Or, If I choose one now can I change my mind at check-in?

A. For planning purposes we'd like you to choose one during registration. You may be able to change you mind at check-in if space is available and at the discretion of GORP staff.

Q. Are the fees per boat or per person?

A. The fees are per person.

Q. Can I paddle as fast as I want to?

A. Yes, but you cannot go ahead of the group or beyond boundaries (real or imaginary) set by the guides.  For a speed workout we can also tether you to a slower heavier boat with a couple of sumo wrestlers as occupants.

Q. What restroom facilities are available?

A. There are port-o-lets at the put-in at Tanners Creek.

Q. Should I bring my cell phone with me on the water?

A. You can, but we can't guarantee that you won't get splashed by your boating comrades if you use it.

Q. Where can I stay the night before?

A. We'll let registrants know if we locate options.   

Q. Any gear rentals?

A. Not from us this year.  You can try to find a local outfitter who might offer some services for a fee.

Q. Can I bring my pet(s)?

A. We like dogs, and some other pets, but 5-6 hrs. in a boat with no shade can be grueling.  Also, on a windy day or stormy conditions, it can be treacherous to have pets in boats.  So, as a general rule we have to ask that you leave your pet at home. 

Q. Can I have alcoholic beverages with me during the paddle?

A. You can...but no drinking of alcoholic beverages during GORP.

Q. Why paddle the Ohio River?

A. For the fun of it. For learning more about the Ohio River - up close and personal. For seeing the river communities from the perspective of the river. To support the only river conservation organization trying to protect and improve the whole river.