BOOM - Not Another Dam(n) Campaign

Obsolete dams are blocking rivers, threatening paddlers, and enabling toxic algae to multiply.

It's time restore our rivers!!

Small (low-head) obsolete dams that are no longer used kill unsuspecting paddlers as they go over the dam and drown in the downstream turbulence.

These dams also block fish and mussel movement, and impair water quality. Resource managers see removal of these structures as key to habitat restoration and improving river health.

Ohio River Foundation (ORF) partners with owners to help remove their dams. While ORF succeeds in identifying the funding sources for removal and river restoration, we need help in funding the project development. That's what makes this dam(n) campaign so important.


Be part of the solution. Help us save lives and restore river. Donate now to Not Another Dam(n) Campaign



Tuesday, November 29, 2016 (6-10pm) at MadTree Brewing, 5164 Kennedy Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45213