Restaurants for the River ™

Have Your Business Be a Restaurant For The River

A Business - Conservation Organization Partnership

For several years hotels around the world have been asking their customers to help them be more green by re-using towels or not asking for new linens every day. Now here’s an opportunity for restaurants to make use of the same strategy.

Restaurants routinely place full glasses of water on a diners table without waiting to see if water is desired. Too often that glass of water is barely touched since other beverages are requested. The result is a poured out full glass of water at the end of the meal and an empty glass that must be cleaned. The costs associated with filling, cleaning, and handling that one glass of water are often overlooked yet can add up to thousands of dollars per year in lost profits! 

Restaurants for the River ™ is a unique opportunity for restaurants to achieve savings that will impact their bottom line at the same time promote the restaurant’s interest in reducing its environmental impact through water conservation.

Participating restaurants receive:

  • Table tents containing water conservation suggestions for customers; includes mention that water will be provided upon request
  • Listing, with link to restaurant website, on Restaurants for the River ™ webpage
  • 8-1/2 x 11 Restaurants for the River ™ poster for window or wall display
  • Mention in enewsletter and print newsletter during month of joining program
  • Patronage promotion of Restaurants for the River ™ partner restaurants in every enewsletter and print newsletter to 500+ members and 7,000+ readership + radio spots
  • Restaurant SPECIFIC promotion of any fundraising meal(s) that directly benefit(s) Ohio River Foundation (we can help you develop such an opportunity).

All for the low annual fee of $100!


To have your establishment be a Restaurant for the River and begin increasing your marketing reach, strengthen your customer relationships, help your community, and improve your bottom line contact us at or 513-460-3365.