Save Water. Save Energy. Save Money.

In 2009, Ohio River Foundation became a WaterSense Partner with the USEPA in order to promote the use of water efficient products. We believe it is important not only to educate, inform and advocate, but also enable people by providing access to high efficiency products not readily available elsewhere.

Starting in 2010, ORF will be offering thousands of high-tech efficient showerheads to Ohio River watershed citizens in cities across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. These showerheads will dramatically lower water usage and energy costs for ratepayers and utilities without sacrificing performance. By reducing the quantity of wastewater entering the sewer system the frequency and severity of overflows can be reduced. In large metropolitan areas like Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, Dayton, and Cleveland where overflows and waterbody pollution is a serious problem this project can be an important tool to help combat a daunting problem.

In addition to replacing showerheads we have tips to help you save water and protect rivers and creeks.

If everyone just does a little bit we can make great strides in protecting and improving water quality throughout the watershed. So, do your part, be WaterSmart by using water more efficiently and have some fun with all the money you'll save!!