Wonderful Watersheds

Wonderful Watersheds is offered November 1 – April 1

What is a Watershed?

We will turn your classroom into a watershed! The Ohio River Foundation offers several in-classroom programs to accompany your science curriculum. Focusing on the importance of water quality, as well as plant and animal life, within a watershed we have several activities to fit your curriculum.

A program can last from 50-90 minutes, for 1-2 activities. The session can be done just once or repeated several times throughout the day. Below you can find the different activities from which you can choose. All of these are great reinforcements for state science standards and serve as an opportunity for your students to apply their knowledge and skills in a scientific setting.

Typical In-class Session and Logistics

Pick up to two of the activities. Maximum class size: 30 students. Teachers are asked to assist ORF educators with managing their students.


Wonderful Watershed

Did you know that you live in a watershed? And did you know that the choices you make during the day affect the quality of the watershed? Using an interactive model, students will see how small choices during the day can have large effects on the water source they use for drinking, washing, and cleaning.

Amazing Journey

Do you know where the water you drink goes? Do you know where it came from? Using a fun interactive game based on true to life percentages of water sources students will follow and record the journey of a water droplet. Traveling from the ocean to glaciers to clouds to groundwater to animals, students will discover that we are all just another bend in the river!

Aquatic Food Web

Plants and animals are all a part of the food web within a watershed, but what is the most important part of the food web? Who cares about moss and algae?! Students will learn about the life a watershed sustains: that some food is more sensitive to pollution than others and which type of food will have the greatest effect on the rest of the food web if it were wiped out by pollution.

Mighty Macros

What in the watershed is a macroinvertebrate? We will bring river life to your classroom to give students a chance to observe and identify different aquatic insects according to their physical characteristics. Based on their observations they will be able to rate the insects as bio-indicators and diagnose the healthiness of the river from which they came!

Fantastic Fish

What can fish tell us about the water they live in? Is it good to have just one kind of fish living in the river? We'll bring several different fish from local streams and rivers for students to observe and classify by identifying their unique physical traits. Based on their classifications they will be able to understand the importance of bio-diversity to water quality.

Fees (maximum class size – 30 students)

$100/class for one activity (50 minute period)
$150/class for 2 activities (90 minutes – 2 periods)