Ecosystem Restoration

Georgetown Dam on White Oak Creek Blows Out

On Wednesday January 18th the 60 year-old Georgetown Dam in Ohio Blew Out!

The 200 ft long, 15 feet high Georgetown Dam had a catastrophic failure.  Fortunately, no injuries occured.  Even though it is a frequent area for paddlers, this time of year it is not!  Below we have posted before and after photos.  You can view more at our website,

Because this dam was allowed to fail, the area is now very dangerous for boaters and swimmers. Furthermore, since funding to remove these structures typically comes from sources that seek to restore fish passage or improved water flow, removal of the remnants of the dam and its rubble will now have to be sought from other sources.

With thousands of these dams, and other fish migration and water flow barriers, in the Ohio River Watershed, Ohio River Foundation has begun an active campaign to partner with communities to remove then to improve river ecology, recreation opportunities, and community development.

Before                                                                                          After

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