For Immediate Release
June 19, 2002

Media Contact:
Rich Cogen
Ohio River Advocacy

Ohio River Advocacy to Kick Off RiverSmart Campaign
at Ohio River Run 2002

(Cincinnati, OH)-Ohio River Advocacy will kick off a national public education campaign Saturday, June 29, 2002 at the Ohio River Run canoe and kayak event. RiverSmart, the nation's leading public education campaign for clean rivers and drinking water, addresses water quality issues and demonstrates for individuals the simple things that can be done around the home and in the yard to improve the condition of America's rivers. ORA will be at the public landing with information and representatives to introduce the campaign.

This campaign is designed to help spread the word about the importance of healthy rivers and clean water. RiverSmart aims to combat the public's misperceptions that "big-pipe industrial and municipal polluters" cause the most water pollution and to help educate individuals on their role in creating and preventing water pollution.

"The Ohio River is important to our community-it connects people and places and is essential to our way of life," said Rich Cogen, President, Ohio River Advocacy. "Encouraging improvements in the health of this river through the RiverSmart campaign and promoting recreational activities such as this one are critical for the health of our families."

Participants will be provided with "Top Ten RiverSmart Tips," a list of tips on how to protect our rivers for recreation, healthy wildlife and drinkable water. Tips include turning off the water while you are brushing your teeth and washing the dishes, buying and using environmentally friendly products and taking care when changing your car's motor oil and disposing of the oil safely.

Oho River Advocacy (ORA) is a Cincinnati-based, non-profit organization dedicated to improving, protecting and restoring the water quality and ecology of the Ohio River and its tributaries for the health and enjoyment of present and future generations. Through education and public awareness campaigns, ORA promotes the value and importance of protecting and improving this natural resource. ORA's activities also include working with river communities to protect their quality of life and with governmental agencies to improve the environmental management of the Ohio River. To join ORA or volunteer visit its website at or call 513-460-3365.

For more information about Ohio River Advocacy, Ohio River Run 2002 or to receive a copy of Top Ten RiverSmart Tips," visit Ohio River Advocacy's website at or call 513-460-3365.