12 Films! Come be inspired, amazed, and invigorated! Film length ranges from 1 minute to 25 minutes. There will be a 15 minute intermission.

Friday, June 8                                                                            
Reception @ 6pm, Films begin @ 7pm
The Woodward Theater - 1404 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202

Ohio River Foundation is excited to bring the Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour to Greater Cincinnati! Join ORF for an evening that will educate and inspire. Participants will enjoy short films, refreshment and community engagement aimed at addressing the health of our environment and our community. Films cover a variety of topics on a global as well as regional scale including water quality, restoration, wildlife protection, sustainable agriculture practices and outdoor adventures. Attendees will have access to sponsor organizations and companies with opportunities to enjoy and protect nature in our own community. ONE TICKET BUYS ADMISSION TO WATCH ALL 12 FILMS and PRE-FILM RECEPTION!!



~ Featured Films ~

The Elwa Undammed: What's A River For? The Elwha River in Port Angeles, WA is the stage for the largest dam removal in American history. A century ago, a businessman dammed the waters of the Klallam people where 100-pound salmon cast their shadows. Behind the dynamite and bulldozers that erased Thomas Aldwell’s dream is a saga of competing ideas about the purpose and meaning of a river.25 min.

The Last Dragons: Protecting Appalachia’s Hellbenders
An intimate glimpse at North America’s Eastern Hellbender, an ancient salamander that lives as much in myth as in reality…. and in many waters, myths are all that remain of these stream-dwelling sentinels. 10 min.

A Dam Problem. Building successful relationships takes time but those relationships are the key to completing a successful dam removal and floodplain restoration project near Sisters, OR, that benefited farmers, fish and the surrounding ecosystem. 6 min.

Nature Rx. This award winning comedy series is about a struggle affecting many of us today. Set in the world of a spoofed prescription drug commercial, Nature Rx offers a hearty dose of laughs and the outdoors - two timeless prescriptions for whatever ails you. Side effects may include confidence, authenticity, remembering you have a body, and being in a good mood for no apparent reason. 1 min.

Eternally Wild. The Smith River is a poster-child for how an entire watershed can be protected. Here there are no dams, no wretched clear-cut blocks, no mitigating hatcheries. Instead, ancient forest, including iconic redwood, cloaks canyon walls. But this pristine watershed is threatened by the Red Flat Nickel Corporation that applied to drill and test 59 locations over 4,000 acres on the pristine North Fork of the Smith River. This would pave the way for one of the largest nickel mines in the West. 15 min.

Kew Gardens: Beyond the Gardens - The Forgotten Home of Coffee. This is a story of guardianship over one of the world's most economically valuable crops, revealing the surprisingly fragile foundations that lie beneath the multi-billion pound industry, showing just how important Kew's scientific research is to securing the fate of our cup of coffee. 6 min.

Flint. Celebrate the unique beauty and character of Georgia's Flint River through the eyes of three individuals - Robin McInvale, Jimmy Miller, and Paul DeLoach - and their special connections to this river that is the heart of the state's natural heritage. 5 min.

A Line in the Sand. When three power plants began to dump their waste (i.e., coal ash) on a rural community in Pennsylvania, they thought no one would notice. They were wrong. Gary Kuklish, a retired coal miner in La Belle, PA tackles a problem that is endemic to the entire coal industry. 5 min.

Selah: Water From Stone. Fifty Years ago David Bamberger devoted his life to restoring a neglected and overgrazed ranch in the Texas Hill Country. By restoring natural ecological functions, David filled hillside aquifers, brought springs back to life, created riparian habitat, and inspired a landscape movement. 8 min.

Ace and the Desert Dog. For his 60th birthday, adventure photographer Ace Kvale and his dog, Genghis Khan, set out for a 60-day backpacking trip in Utah's canyon country. The pair tells the story of their trek, friendship, and Genghis records it on his Desert Dawg Adventure Blawg. 9 min.

One Hundred Thousand Beting Hearts. Director Peter Byck’s short film “One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts” tells the story of fourth generation cattleman Will Harris’s evolution from industrial, commodity cowboy to sustainable, humane food producer, whilst breathing new life into a community left behind and forgotten due to, as Will says, the industrialization of agriculture. 15 min.

Osprey - Marine Sentinel. This is the first film in over thirty years starring what is arguably the world’s most iconic and significant raptor: the osprey. Exclusive access, cutting-edge technology, and innovative cinematographic techniques provide a unique perspective and unprecedented intimacy into the dramatic story of a life-long pair, and the intrepid scientists who have spent a lifetime discovering what may be one of the most significant success stories of environmental conservation. 14 min.

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