School Rain Gardens

E.H. Greene Intermediate School (Blue Ash, OH)

Spring 2009 - Our first River Explorer school jumped at the chance to be part of this pilot program.  It was a resounding success with the entire 5th grade (400+ students) participating in classroom and outside instruction.  Below are some photos that we hope capture some of the energy and enthusiasm they brought to this exciting experience!

May/June 2009 Photos

Students learned what a watershed, stormwater pollution and rain rain garden are.  They played our game, “Stop the Drops”, measure square feet, decided the best location for their future rain garden.  Then dug, planted, and then present their project to their classmates and local officals!

Nagel Middle School (Anderson Township, OH)

Spring 2009 - The teachers and several hundred 7th grade students were fabulous despite the challenging soils we encountered.  But the students persevered and designed and installed a beautiful garden.  Many of these teachers and students breezed through our introductory sessions by virtue of having participated past River Explorer field trips, where many of the watershed and stormwater concepts are also discussed.

This project utilized both bag and bulk materials.  Students also learned and used map skills to site and size their garden.

Sycamore High School - Montgomery, OH

Spring 2009 - Environmental Studies students were joined by Chemistry and Environmental Club students in an ambitous goal to capture stormwater from the school parking lot.  With an abreviated tutorial the students quickly grasped rain garden design concepts and installed a highly functional 400 sq. ft. garden.

And one year later ...June 2010


Waldorf School (Winton Place, OH)

Spring 2009 - This was a challenging site with severe grade and soil challenges.  But ORF staff dug in with Waldorf students to produce a beautiful garden.  Note - to stabilize the downhill berm we installed landscape fabric.