Toyota - Corporate Partner

River Explorer students retrieve fish they've caught in their seine net for closer examination in aquaria.

Since 2006 Toyota, through its Engineering and Manufacturing, and Motor Manufacturing divisions has been a supporter of the River Explorer education program and the Youth Conservation Team program. With this support thousands of schoolchildren have had the experience of being junior scientists for a day with River Explorer. Also, dedicated high school students have worked in places like Red River Gorge (Daniel Boone National Forest) alongside forest rangers and naturalists protecting and improving habitat.

Youth Conservation Team crew members pose on top of a pile of non-native invasive chinese silvergrass that

they removed from a sensitive area in Red River Gorge - Daniel Boone National Forest.

Toyota has endowed $100 million to enhance the quality of education by supporting innovative programs dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Learn more about Toyota's community activities at